Lady in White #26

#26– Counting Down 31 Horror Movies to Watch in October:

On Halloween, 1962 the sleepy town of Willowpoint Falls wakes up forever.

Locked overnight  in the school cloakroom, the victim of a Halloween prank, young Frankie Scarlatti (Lukas Haas), witnesses and eerie apparition, a girl ghost in the grip of a mysterious killer.   Suddenly, himself, Frankie is grabbed and almost strangled.  Hovering between life and death, he has another vision, of the same girl, begging him to expose the killer and put her spirit to rest.  Intrigued by the unsolved mystery, Frankie tries to find the key to the puzzle and closes in on the terrible truth.  He does not know the danger involved, or the evil he will confront when he meets the LADY IN WHITE.



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