Alien Abduction


alien_abduction_posterAlien Abduction is a handheld footage film that captures the terror of the Morris Family. What starts off as a simple family vacation drastically changes course when poor directions lead to an encounter with a creature that is out of this world. While at first glance it may seem like a mediocre movie, it actually has a few amazing qualities worth mentioning. The stalking of the family is really quite petrifying and suspenseful. Also, the story is supposed to be based on true events which may or may not add to the movie’s overall scare-factor depending on your belief. As a horror SCI-FI film that can be found on Netflix, Alien Abduction is a must see movie that will make you question possibilities outside this universe.

CAST: Katherine Sigismund (Katie Morris) / Peter Holden (Peter Morris) / Corey Eid (Corey Morris) / Riley Polanski (Riley Polanski) / Jillian Clare (Jillian Morris) / Jeff Bowser (Sean)

DIRECTOR: Matty Beckerman


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