Alternate Horror Theories

When watching a horror movie we tend to focus on the black and white elements of the film but more often than not, there are hidden meanings behind the storyline. We usually get a sense there is a specific message that is being delivered or ideas in the film that leave us wondering, what if? Here, we discuss horror movie fan theories that make each flick just little more interesting.

WARNING this spotlight contains SPOILERS!

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-6-09-14-pmThe Mist: The boy is the sacrifice
A  group of civilians find themselves in a grocery store as a place of refuge to protect themselves from unknown creatures hidden in The Mist. Seems pretty straightforward, right?  However, it starts to get crazy when a psychotic religious women, Mrs. Carmody, comes up with the theory that  sacrificing David’s son is the key to lift the mist. In the end, David shoots his own son to spare him from being eaten by the creatures. As soon as he murders his son, the mist  does in fact disappear and saviors are there to help. So, was David’s son the ultimate sacrifice after all?

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-6-09-46-pmThe Blair Witch Project: Josh killed everyone
The final scene of The Blair Witch Project stirred up a variety of fan theories. The most popular and possibly controversial, is that Josh killed both Heather and Mike. Some fans claim that Josh was singled out by the witch because she felt disrespected when he kicked over a pile of her stacked stones, she then focused her anger on Josh, taking control and using him to kill the remainder of his friends. The witch lures Heather to the old house with what appears to be Josh’s screams of anguish, where she find Mike standing in the corner. Heather is hit from behind and is assumed dead. Was it Josh all along?

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-6-10-23-pmDrag Me to Hell: Depicts a woman struggling with an eating disorder
It was made evident that the protagonist, Kristine, was an overweight child in the film Drag Me To Hell. There is quick glimpse of an old photograph that shows her as a child standing in front of a sign that reads “SWINE QUEEN”. Throughout the movie there a variety of scenes that support the theory that Kristine is slowly dying from an eating disorder. Most of the scenes depicting Kristine’s torment involve food and the multiple shots of her attack take place in a kitchen. The theory is that she is the old women she sees in the mirror. The old women is balding and has no teeth which is a very common side effect of bulimia and eating disorders.

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-6-08-24-pmFriday the 13th: Jason never died and was raised by Pamela
When it is revealed that Pamela, Jason’s mother, is the killer in the first installment of the Friday the 13th franchise, we learn that her reason for killing the camp counselors is to avenge the death of her son, Jason. According to Pamela (his mother), Jason tragically drowned because irresponsible camp counselors weren’t watching him like they were suppose to.  Pamela’s explanation is pretty vague, so when Jason appears as the killer in the second film as a full grown man, it begs the question, how is it possible that he came back from the dead as a full grown man? Many Friday the 13th fanatics claim that Jason never actually drowned but was actually held captive and raised by his overprotective mother and she took revenge on the camp counselors for almost letting her son drown. However this theory is highly questionable. If Jason never died how is it that he’s immortal? Or is he? The theory of Jason’s true story is very complicated and there is no solid evidence to support any one theory till this day.

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-6-11-11-pmThe Decent: Sarah Killed her Friends
If you’ve watched the Descent, you know that Sarah has endured a huge loss with the death of her daughter and husband, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone that she may be unstable. One plausible theory is that Sarah was hallucinating and imagined the creatures in the dark caves and she was the one who actually killed her friends. There are several easter eggs to prove that Sarah had SNAPPED! Moments before the group is attacked by the cave creatures Sarah’s friends make eye contact with her and have a look of horror on their faces. Are they terrified by her or what’s behind her? Also, when Sarah screams, it eventually turns into a screech and we are led to believe that it’s the creatures… But is it plausible that it’s actually her? The ending is by far the most important scene to contribute to this theory. The last scene shows Sarah finding an opening from the caves into the outside world where she escapes, gets in a car and drives away. However, she subsequently wakes up and discovers that she is still trapped in the caves, which leaves us with one of two possibilities… She is either suffering from hallucinations or perhaps we are provided with two alternate endings with an open ended story for the option of a sequel.






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