American Horror Story: Coven


american_horror_story_coverAmerican Horror Story Season 3 explores the journey of the last pack of witches in America who are in a school for witches in New Orleans, a fitting location for being known for witchcraft. Unfortunately Coven is lifeless as it focuses on the drama and the malicious acts of the young witches living in the house. If I want to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch I will, but when I watch American Horror Story I expect terror, suspense and of course horror and this season delivers none of the above. While loving the previous two seasons American Horror Story: Coven is disappointing and completely misses an opportunity to give us a new and refreshing aspect on witches.

CAST: Sarah Paulson (Cordelia Foxx) / Taissa Farmiga (Zoe Benson) / Evan Peters (Kyle Spencer) / Emma Robert ( Madison Montgomery) / Jessica Lange (Fiona Goode) / Kathy Bates (Madame Delphine) / Angela Bassett (Marie Laveau) / Gabourey Sidibe (Quinnie) / Jamie Brewer (Nan)

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