American Horror Story: S6 E5

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-1-36-24-pmIs American Horror Story- Roanoke turning a corner?  We finally have answers for some of the lingering questions and with the horror factor at optimal levels, this is the episode we have all been waiting for. Chapter 5 managed to include great aspects of the horror genre that we all crave, including some tastefully execute gore which made for an amazing and spectacular episode. I was completely engrossed in the story, unlike the previous 3 episodes which left me feeling indifferent. The end of the episode concluded Matt, Shelby, Lee and Flora’s nightmare, or so we think.  Will the Roanoke nightmare move on to a new family or will Chapter 6 throw us a major twist ?


CAST:  Leslie Jordan (Cricket Marlowe) / Kathy Bates (Thomasine White) / Sarah Paulson (Shelby Miller) / Cuba Gooding Jr. (Matt Miller) / Lily Rabe (Shelby Miller) / Andre Holland (Matt Miller) / Wes Bentley (Ambrose White) / Angela Bassett (Lee) / Adina Porter (Lee)/Evan Peters (Edward Phillipe Mott)

DIRECTOR: Nelson Cragg

SCREENWRITER: Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuck



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