“In the aftermath of a deadly haunting in a small suburban home, a sinister omnipresent entity proceeds to cause havoc in the private lives of a young boy, an unsuspecting teen, and an absently minded inspector”. Intruders is a peculiar short film telling two different stories all in one film. …

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Urban Legend: Camp Lula Sam

In Brownsville, Texas amongst the dense forrest lays an abandoned campsite Camp Lula Sam, the site of  one of the saddest urban legends in Brownsville.  Camp  holds a devastating secret many believe to be true. It is unclear when the rumored occured, but various locals belive a counselor at the …

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Teeth-Featured Short

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The obsession with teeth turns into expression of self destruction. VOICE TALENT: Richard E. Grant DIRECTOR:  Tom Brown, Daniel Gray

Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation is the third origin story of an evil doll that falls under The Conjuring series. This film tells the story of a group of orphans who are placed in a home that is owned by a doll maker and his wife who had lost their daughter in a …

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Less Than Human

Less than Human is a 3D animated film about the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, humans living in a world where zombies are segregated into camps. There have been rumors about rehabilitating post-zombies back into society. Steve, the journalist decided to instigate and prove to the world that rehabilitation is …

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Wish Upon

Where do I even begin? Wish Upon is written by Barbara Marshall and directed by John R.Leonett who surprisingly directed Annabelle. He was also the cinematographer for rather successful films such; The Conjuring and Insidious. Unforunelty John R.Leonett dropped the ball on this one  Wish Upon is neither scary nor original, watching this film …

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Get Out

Get Out is the first bona fide horror movie hit of 2017 and its audience grew over time by word of mouth and solid reviews from critics everywhere and it’s easy to understand why.  Aside from being a creepy and disturbing flick from the get go, it was shot well, …

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Alone is a 2-minute film of a man relaxing home alone until he spots an unknown individual lurking behind him. To be completely honest Alone is your average horror film plot you’re home alone, you see something thing, the lights go out, and jump scare. When reviewing a short film I …

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How Deep Can I Go?

Horror Comedy How Deep Can I Go? was featured at the 2016 ShriekFest L.A, written and directed by Australian film maker Kai Smythe. This film or what I would consider an actual music video is AMAZING! It is funny as hell, it is clearly not supposed to be a scary …

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