Alone is a 2-minute film of a man relaxing home alone until he spots an unknown individual lurking behind him. To be completely honest Alone is your average horror film plot you’re home alone, you see something thing, the lights go out, and jump scare. When reviewing a short film I …

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How Deep Can I Go?

Horror Comedy How Deep Can I Go? was featured at the 2016 ShriekFest L.A, written and directed by Australian film maker Kai Smythe. This film or what I would consider an actual music video is AMAZING! It is funny as hell, it is clearly not supposed to be a scary …

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The Devil’s Candy

The Devils Candy, written and directed by Sean Byrean. This film is about a struggling painter and his family who move into a new house, which seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Main Character Jesse Hillman played by Ethan Embry begins to hear strange voices in his home, …

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La Vieja

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A young boy suffers unimaginable consequences after disobeying his parents. Based on the book ” The Boy Who Forgot to Sleep”.

The Jigsaw

I am in awe! The jigsaw is by far one of the best horror short films I have ever seen. Directed, written and produced by Basil Al-Safar and Rashad Al-Safar it is clear why The Jigsaw won over thirty awards around the globe. The mysterious purchase of a jigsaw puzzle …

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The Whistle

Also Featured as our horror short of the week, The Whistle is a film definitely worth checking out. Produced and written by the Bapple Entertainment, The Whistle is a spin chilling film and the experience is extremely intense when viewed with headphones. What makes this film so incredibly unique is …

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Other Lilly

Who ever say said “Cartoons have to be kid friendly” clearly has never seen the horror short film Other Lily. Animator David Romero tells the story of  Lily, a woman who suffers from sleep paralysis. This film could have easily been simple and boring by only showing the audience the experience …

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The man who brought us the infamous Moonlight Man delivers once again. Danny Donahue decides to take a western approach on his new horror short “Frostbite”. This film tells the story of a “Monster hunter” (Frank Donahue) in the 1890’s who encounters a creature in the dead of winter. Frank …

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The Dark Tapes

The Dark Tapes is a feature film spotlighting a collection of shorts that have an evil entity in common. While the opening scene is initially off-putting, ultimately the film exceeds all expectations. I appreciate that it isn’t chronological, while yes sometime hard to follow, this helps to separate it from …

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Yo Soy Pedro

Yo Soy Pedro, a horror comedy that follows the adventures of an alien, who mistakenly encounters planet Earth and the mischief that ensues when the alien is mistaken as an extra in a Hollywood sci-fi film. Reminiscent of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s wacky alien comedy Paul. The high dose …

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