Children of the Corn: #27

#27 – Counting Down 31 Horror Movies to Watch in October:

In the drought-stricken prairie lands of Nebraska, the corn crop have failed.  Nothing thrives in the arid soil and the people pray for rain.  Into the small community of Gaitlin comes a sinister boy preacher with a message for the children; only human blood will restore life to the parched earth and revive the dying corn.  So it is that all the adults perish one hot Sunday, as their sons and daughters obey the savage commands of Issac and his bloodthirsty executioner, Malachai.  Three years later a young couple on their way through Nebraska get lost in the maze of roads round Gaitlin, and stumble into the seemingly deserted township.  But, here, every adult must die-victim of a bloody cult of human sacrifice…





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