Don’t Move


Don’t Move is horror game come to life. The short begins in subdued chaos with the characters unable to move or else they will be devoured by a demon that relies on movement. The rules of the game are placed in one scene 5 must die and only 1 can live; this tactic was genius. I much prefer this explanation of game rather than an uninteresting verbal dialogue scene. Don’t the movie is a 13-minute horror short film that keeps on giving. It is terrifying but you can’t stop watching you are immediately sucked into this world feeling the characters tensions between a horrifying demon and themselves because only one can live; they are sabotaging each other while trying to survive all at the same time.  Visually the demonic creature reminded me of a Gumero Tel Toro demon. What I mean by this is the demon its self is a costume dresses actor surrounded by an animated fog, much like a Gumeros ghost in MAMA and Cympson Peak. The special effects are immaculate and are used to enhance the horror factor in the film. The acting is equally as good; particularly actress Rachel Bright(Anna). Being the main character her performance was top notch only relying on subtle movement and facial expression to convey her absolute fear. Don’t Move is the child game Marco Polo taken to the next level; filled with spectacular special effects, an intriguing story, and creative directing. Watch the film here.

CAST: Rachel Bright/ Jake Hendriks/ Beth Copper/ Kate Braithwaite/ Martin Skipper/ Calvin Dean/ Ian Whyte

DIRECTOR: Anthony Melton

SCREENWRITER: David Scullion

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