Laura, Lost


laura_lost_posterLaura, Lost is an intense short film that takes you on a crazy journey from start to finish, only to leave you with more questions when it’s all said and done. Is it the friend? Is it the crazy guy in the woods? Is it the girl? What the hell is that thing? All of the talent pulls their own weight and gives us a very well acted, nicely directed and visually striking movie. Mason Wagner and Stephen Alan Seder are the leads and both are convincing in their roles, along with Ella Steinberg and Russ Gay who do great supporting. Simon Sandquist at the helm as director is able to pull these 4 together and deliver a strong showing. And the fact that they filmed in Missoula, Montana which is the home town of David Lynch, may even make it cooler.

CAST:  Mason Wagner / Stephen Alan Seder / Ella Steinberg / Russ Gay

DIRECTOR: Simon Sandquist

SCREENWRITER: Simon Sandquist

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