screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-10-46-02-amRemember the creepy baby monitor stories we kept hearing about earlier this year? Someone being able to talk to your kid through a baby monitor… scary shit right? Now, imagine yourself  inadvertently watching a snuff film and being completely helpless, and further yet, having absolutely no proof of the horrors you witnessed! That’s exactly what you are in for. Paul Holtzhausen, did a great job in giving you just enough a back story to connect with the characters only to quickly put them in peril and have you fearing for what is next. The acting is very convincing and you have no trouble believing the horror that they are in. Ben Feldman, who you might recognize from As Above, So Below, did a great job and it was a fun surprise to see an unexpected recognizable face. Monitor is visually striking, creepy and it taps into fears that we all face in the ever changing world of technology.  See the trailer here.

CAST: Ben Feldman/Lauren Miller/Krzystztof Sosynski

DIRECTOR: Paul Holtzhausen

SCREENWRITER:Paul Holtzhausen/Sydney Mitchel

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