The Strain: Madness


the_strain_season_3_episode_5_madnessSeason 3 / Episode 5 / Madness:

OK, looks like we are still going on and on about this damn book. Setrakian finds new information in the Lumen which leads him on a new journey to do some more boring stuff with some more boring people regarding a boring book. Ugh. Seriously, this better lead somewhere soon. Thankfully Eph and Dutch are doing something interesting which saves the episode. They happen upon new information that helps them interfere with strigoi communication and decide to put it to the test. Gus is still being held by the “police” and forced into clearing buildings as part of a strigoi task force. All in all this week borders on BLAH with just a touch of HELL YEAH… I’m just not sure which one got higher billing.

CAST: Corey Stoll (Ephraim Goodweather) / David Bradley (Abraham Setrakian) / Kevin Durand (Vasiliy Fet) / Ruta Gedmintas (Dutch Velders) / Richard Sammel (Thomas Eichhorst) / Max Charles (Zack Goodweather) / Natalie Brown (Kelly Goodweather) / Jonathan Hyde (Eldritch Palmer) / Miguel Gomez (Gus)

DIRECTOR: Deran Sarafian

SCREENWRITER: Elizabeth Ann Phang

CREATED BY: Guillermo del Toro / Chuck Hogan

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