The Strain: S3 E6


the_strain_e3_e6Season 3 / Episode 6 / The Battle of Central Park: 

This week brought another weak episode of The Strain that falls flat. With 3 main storylines running throughout the episode not one of them stood out as interesting or compelling. It may be that the audience has fallen out of love with the characters, or perhaps the characters were never very compelling in the first place. Whatever it is, we are certainly growing bored of The Strain. Zack gets a pet striqoi, which was certainly the most entertaining of the 3 storylines. Watching that little child strigoi run around the room like an excited puppy making those clicking and growling strigoi sounds is a little unsettling. But we are soon lulled back to sleep by Fet and Gus running around underground killing an army of strigoi. In theory this should be exciting and keep us all on the edge of our seats, but somehow it just misses the mark. I really wish I could say that I was looking forward to next week… but I’m not.

CAST: Corey Stoll (Ephraim Goodweather) / David Bradley (Abraham Setrakian) / Kevin Durand (Vasiliy Fet) / Ruta Gedmintas (Dutch Velders) / Richard Sammel (Thomas Eichhorst) / Max Charles (Zack Goodweather) / Natalie Brown (Kelly Goodweather) / Jonathan Hyde (Eldritch Palmer) / Miguel Gomez (Gus)

DIRECTOR: Deran Sarafian

SCREENWRITER: Bradley Thompson / David Weddle

CREATED BY: Guillermo del Toro / Chuck Hogan

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