5 Horror Shorts Under 5 Minutes

Horror movies come in all shapes and sizes whether it’s a two hour cinematic production or a two minute homemade film. This week’s countdown reveals the top five horror short films that are just under five minutes. After careful consideration we have determined that these horror shorts are some of the best available. Each one is original and packs that scare factor we all crave, with the added benefit of not needing to wait 30 minutes to reach the actual horror.


This short film, directed and written by Andy and Barbara Muschietti, was the inspiration for Guillermo del Toro’s full length feature film, MAMA. In this Spanish short film two young  sisters run from women they call mama.

4) Tuck Me In

Based on a story by Juan J Ruiz and  directed by Ignacio F. Rodó, this one minute film shows the confusion of a father when he puts his son to bed.

3) Whisper

A Short Horror Film by Danny Donahuea. A lonely woman hears whispering while she is home alone.

2)  2AM: The Smiling Man

Based on a true story, this short film captures a man walking the dark streets when he encounters an eerie smiling man.

1) Lights Out

Written and Directed by David F. Sandberg this short film is about a  woman being stalked by  something uncanny when the lights are off.




  1. Hmmmm which movie should I watch first?

    • Atomic Age Renegades

      Take your pick, they are all great. The good news is that you can watch them all in under 25 minutes!

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