Urban Legend: Camp Lula Sam

In Brownsville, Texas amongst the dense forrest lays an abandoned campsite Camp Lula Sam, the site of  one of the saddest urban legends in Brownsville.  Camp  holds a devastating secret many believe to be true. It is unclear when the rumored occured, but various locals belive a counselor at the all girls camp began to hear voices in his head. Some even go as far as to say he was possessed by an unknow spirt who walked the land. According to the legend, voices compelled the counselor to rape and murder the young girls while sleeping in their cabins. After the murder the camp was closed forever, leaving its hollow wooden cabins to rot. Many tourists looking for a thrill sneek on to the now private property to expolre the site in an effort to encounter paranormal actvity. Its has been said that if you wander the property at night you can hear little girls screaming in agony. The community has conflicting opinons regarding the legend,  some say the camp closed down in 1980 for unknown reasons and that no girls were murdered there but others believe the site is haunted. From my research, I could not aquire any substanal evidence that this event ever occurred. Camp Lulu Sam is now labeled as private property and many locals say that if you are caught trasspasing the owner of the land will shoot you down for disrupting the peace of the young girls souls. It remains unclear if Camp Lula Sam is actaully haunted or if its an urban legend spread by the town.




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