screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-12-42-57-pmIf  you have an uneasy stomach, this film and all its gore will definitely be hard to watch. A group of kidnapped strangers wake up to find that their brains have been embedded with a contraption to capture a chemical produced by the brain when afflicted by pain.  Unfortunately for them, the only way to produce the chemical is to torture themselves in the most insane ways possible.  As a lover of gore, Vile does not disappoint.  The films shows us the extreme measures people will take to survive, even if it means taking a cheese grater to peel the skin of of a victim.   

CAST: Eric Jay Beck (Nick) / April Matson (Tayler) / Akeem Smith( Tony) / Greg Cipes (Sam) / Maya Hazen (Tara) / Elisha Skorman (Kai) / Heidi Mueller (Lisa) / Rob Kirkland (Greg) / McKenzie Westmore (Diane) / Ian Bohen (Julian)

DIRECTOR: Taylor Sheridan

SCREENWRITER: Eric Jay Beck / Rob Kowaluk



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