Wish Upon


Where do I even begin? Wish Upon is written by Barbara Marshall and directed by John R.Leonett who surprisingly directed Annabelle. He was also the cinematographer for rather successful films such; The Conjuring and Insidious. Unforunelty John R.Leonett dropped the ball on this one  Wish Upon is neither scary nor original, watching this film I couldn’t help. The entire concept behind this film is a girl finds a wishing box (hmmm kind of sound like the 2012 film The Possession)and with every wish, she makes there are severe consequences that follow.  From watching the trailer alone I figured out the entire plot; walking out of the movie the only thing I thought of was “I wish this film didn’t exist”. I was looking extremely hard to find a light at the end of the tunnel and I found nothing…absolutely nothing. I don’t like bashing a film, but I mean when it’s this terrible I’m left with no choice. The acting was bad there was no original sound score and the music that was played in the film added no dimension to the scene at all. The music sounded like it was picked straight out of a Kidz Bop album. The only thing I enjoyed about this film was when it was over. If I were to discover a box that turns your wishes into a reality I would wish for Hollywood to stop producing cheap horror films targeted at young teens. Wish Upon is a distorted version of The Monkeys Paw(1948) it’s unoriginal, predictable, and unbearable to watch. Watch the trailer here.

CAST: Joey King / Ryan Phillippe  /KI Hong Lee

DIRECTOR: John R. Leonette

SCREENWRITER: Barbara Marshall

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