A Father’s Day


a_fathers_day_short_film_posterA Father’s Day recently screened at Screamfest in Los Angeles and we had the privilege of checking it out. In the true fashion of any good zombie movie, A Father’s Day is full of gratuitous blood, guts, dismemberment and plenty of flesh eating walkers. The makeup and special effects are tastefully done, it looks great on screen, it’s fun to watch and while the acting comes across a little green at times, overall all it is pretty convincing. The zombie genre at large has always been a great platform for social commentary, the breakdown of humanity, the moral construct and the human ability to overcome. A Father’s Day is no exception and takes this opportunity to show the connection between 2 people on both sides of the affliction. The infected retain emotional attachments that existed prior to turning, and the survivors continue to show compassion for those who have turned. Some may feel as though the zombie genre has been played out in recent years with the success of The Walking Dead and an overwhelming flood of content on the subject, but I for one really enjoy the genre and feel that it’s a fun way to explore our humanity… or lack thereof.

CAST:  Garth Maunders / Hazel Gibson / Christopher Jordan / Isobel Steele / Roy Bright / Tracey Sheals / Dean Garner / Hayley Read



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