screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-6-31-29-amKOOKIE takes the  saying “don’t get caught with your hand in the cookie jar”and transforms it into a terrifying film. Bree (Ava Jamieson), a disobedient young child has a slight obsession with consuming cookies from… well you guessed it, the cookie jar.  Bree’s mother brings home a terrifying clown cookie jar in the hopes that the scary clown will deter her daughter from eating the cookies.  Perhaps her mother should just stop buying cookies, because Bree is ambivalent to the sinister clown, and much like the cookie monster she just simply can’t resist.  Bree’s disobedience isn’t without consequence, as she finds herself being hunted down by a creepy clown.  Jamieson, the young actress and star of the short, is incredible and really delivers.  KOOKIE is a fantastic short with a great story and an immense twist. It is completely self-reliant, allowing the horror to speaks for itself without any cheap tricks. See trailer here

CAST: Ava Jamieson

DIRECTOR: Justine Harding

SCREENWRITER: Jean-Claude Leblanc

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