The Void


The Void is a major throwback to 1980’s organic horror filled with unimaginable specials effects. This film actually uses little to no CGI and relies on practical effects; everything from simple cuts to creatures coming out of someone’s eye. I would consider the special effects to be the main star of this movie. The film begins with a sheriff who finds a man laying on the side of the street, which he then takes to a nearby severely understaffed and evacuated hospital. Once the patient is checked in, strange things begin to happen; the hospital is surrounded by a mass of cult members in mysterious hooded figures. The characters, much like the audience find themselves confused as to how certain storylines are connected, after all what does the cult have to do with the creatures? The storylines are pretty far fetched, some questions are answered and whatever answers are provided they leave you confused. Unfortunately, the characters lack depth and at no point do you find yourself connected to them, which makes the ending ineffective. The Void, has a very interesting layout with complex puzzle pieces and, visually the film is fantastic, filled with creative, artistic and gory scenes. Unfortunately the end was a little too ambitious, leaving many questions unanswered. Watch the trailer here

CAST: Aaron Poole/ Kenneth Welsh/ Daniel Fathers/ Kathleen Munroe/ Ellen Wong

DIRECTORS: Jeremy Gillespie/ Steven Kotanski

SCREENWRITERS: Jeremy Gillespie/ Steven Kotanski

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