The Voodoo Dick



While The Voodoo Dick is not necessarily a horror film, it was hilarious and certainly worth a shout out here on Atomic Age Renegades. Plus it was one of the many shorts screening at this years ShriekFest 16. While it may have not been scary per say, The Voodoo Dick definitely possessed some of the qualities that we have all grown to love (at least I have) in a good horror movie. It was campy, sexy, ridiculous and completely hilarious. A frustrated husband who is afraid of his younger wife cheating on him visits a secret establishment in search for something to pleasure his hot young wife while he is away on business. What he finds is completely ridiculous in the best way possible. Needless to say, his wife is surprised beyond belief. The acting, audio and visuals are all done well and the comedic element is well worth the watch. Don’t let the name fool you, it is not raunchy in an uncomfortable way and is easy to watch for even the faint of heart, the ridiculousness of the name merely reflects how ridiculous (in a good way) the movie is.

CAST: Andrea Carlisle/ Michael Hunstman / Philip Lester / Jeremy Yunjiao Chen / Jose Lizarde Jr. / O.Z. Ozmen / Hector Rivas Nina

DIRECTOR: Daniel McDonald


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