agatha_posterAgatha is absolutely brilliant. This film manages to be more effective in 8 minutes than most full length features. First and foremost, Louise Ogle, the orphan little girl who has been hired for pennies to bring food to a prisoner living in the attic is convincing in all aspects and brilliantly captures fear, curiosity, innocence and the vulnerability of a child. Pure brilliance! We are also privy to beautiful shots of the food being fed to the prisoner, and while maybe not appetizing the shots are food magazine/blog worthy, simply elegant, beautiful and certainly worthy of Hannibal Lecter’s palate. Equally impressive is the sound quality… the hooves of the horse carriages as they make their way through the cobblestone roads, the pennies falling on Louise’s little hand and the dragging of the food plates across serving table. All the elements of brilliance are present in this scary and disturbing short film.  To see the preview click here.

CAST: Louise Ogle / Penny Kohut / Renee Farrabarrow

DIRECTOR: Tim Vandenberg

SCREENWRITER: Tim Vandenberg




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