Better Watch Out

I stumbled upon Better Watch Out on iTunes and wasn’t sure what to expect as I had been out of the loop on this one.  Well, fortunately for me I was pleasantly surprised to find another film I can watch both during Halloween and Christmas.  It’s a combination of The Strangers and Home Alone on …

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Cambio (Change)

This horror short  has no jump scares or CGI and strictly relies on original storytelling and psychological impact to deliver a great film. Cambio, is an example of how a horror story should be told. Daniel Romero, really comes through with beautiful cinematography and a great story twist. The film was shot in a fantastic …

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1974 – A Mexican Horror Classic

A Mexican horror film, sign me up anytime.  1974 reimagines the Mexican Horror classic. As someone who grew up watching Mexican horror classics like Mas Negro Que La Noche  and Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo, I was super excited to watch 1974. More exciting is that it doesn’t disappoint, this movie measures …

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Agatha is absolutely brilliant. This film manages to be more effective in 8 minutes than most full length features. First and foremost, Louise Ogle, the orphan little girl who has been hired for pennies to bring food to a prisoner living in the attic is convincing in all aspects and …

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No Caller ID

No Caller I.D. is exactly how I love my short horror films… short and scary from beginning to end. The story wastes no time and gets right to the point, which is perfect. I was so pumped all the way through and found myself screaming at the screen. Sure we’ve …

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A woman dressed in a white dress, disheveled and scared crosses your path in the back country roads, what do you do?  Your choices are limited, you keep running (driving) because whoever is chasing her is coming after you, or you help her. Seems pretty obvious, but lucky for the viewer, Blackbird isn’t …

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Frail (Puppenspiel)

Frail is a great short reminiscent of Artificial Intelligence and Edward Scissorhands with an elegant and rustic feel. A man so grief stricken and unable to cope with the reality of his existence that he re-creates the life he once knew. Simon Svercel is really great and very convincing of …

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Into the Mud

Into the Mud is a short film directed by Pablo S. Pastor that recently screened at Screamfest 2016. The intensity of the film starts from the opening scene and doesn’t let up until the end. The cinematography is beautiful and the director is very effective in creating suspense with beautiful music and the …

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On My Way

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  While on his way to a Halloween party, a man drives through a town, slowly realizing it’s gone insane.

Movies About Food That Kills

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, a holiday that is centered around a big feast and family gatherings, we have combined a list of horror films about foods that kill.  While they may not be the best films, they sure make for a great laugh. 1.Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Franchise 2.The …

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