Don’t Breathe


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.58.08 PMDon’t Breathe is an intense 88 minutes that takes the viewer on a bumpy thrill ride full of twists and turns around every corner. It takes a little bit of effort to forgive the 3 main victims for being up to no good, but as soon as you let this go the rest of the movie is a fun house full of cheap thrills that is sure to get your heart pumping. The young actors gave a strong showing but Stephen Lang’s effort was certainly the stand-out performance among the bunch. The majority of the film focuses on building suspense through silence, darkness and the unknown, and while it explores the borderline grotesque for a brief minute the story quickly returns to the fun thrills that most of us enjoy in a horror flick. All in all Don’t Breathe is a fun experience that is certainly worth checking out.

CAST: Stephen Lang (Blind Man) / Jane Levy (Rocky) / Dylan Minnette (Alex) / Daniel Zovatto (Money)

DIRECTOR: Fede Alvarez

SCREENWRITER: Fede Alvarez / Rodo Sayagues

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