The man who brought us the infamous Moonlight Man delivers once again. Danny Donahue decides to take a western approach on his new horror short “Frostbite”. This film tells the story of a “Monster hunter” (Frank Donahue) in the 1890’s who encounters a creature in the dead of winter. Frank Donahue acting as the “monster hunter” is absolutely genuine and authentic. Frank’s performance is executed in the best way possible, the acting is done in a tasteful manner, establishing the perfect amount of drama without losing the seriousness of the character. Frank’s acting is so convincing that it seems he could have been a bounty hunter in his past life or if not an actual “monster hunter”. Frostbite’s horrific monster clearly draws inspiration from the Algonquian Folklore, the Wendigo. The Wendigo is typically known as a cannibalistic evil spirit or creature that lingers in the north forest of the Atlantic coast and the frozen forests of Canada. Though the Wendigos horrifying legend already exists,  Danny manages to make his creature entirely original without the use of CGI. The film is bathed in visual beauty using an array of amazing long shots that exquisitely captures the sterile glimmering white snow, while establishing a unique location. It is very exciting to see Danny not shy away from spotlighting his talent as a director in Frostbite.  Danny is able to accomplish a difficult task of shooting a horror film in broad daylight, while he still manages to convey an overall feeling of fear.  See movie here

CAST:  Frank Donahue / Rio

DIRECTOR: Danny Donnahue


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