Other Lilly


Who ever say said “Cartoons have to be kid friendly” clearly has never seen the horror short film Other Lily. Animator David Romero tells the story of  Lily, a woman who suffers from sleep paralysis. This film could have easily been simple and boring by only showing the audience the experience of sleep paralysis, but David Romero moves the story beyond that. Other Lily, is a no dialogue movie and only uses sound and music, displaying the true power of sound effects. The storyline itself is absolutely original and has a lot of depth for a 5 minute animated short. The imagery is disturbing and the cartoon characters are rough around the edges adding to the overall eerie imagery of the film. Other Lily, is captivating and continuously intriguing with its unchronological storyline and unexpected plot twist. David Romero’s animated short Other Lily breaks the boundaries of the Kids & Family genre and shines the light on the abstract use of horror in animation. See movie here


DIRECTOR:  David Romero


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