Hello – Review


Hello is a perfect example of substance over style. It’s obvious that this is a low budget production but the story of a lonely soul desperately seeking the attention of the living is genius. Hello has absolutely no dialogue with the two starring actors simply relying on body language. This is a difficult task but they handle it very well, particularly Lauren A Kennedy who portrays the lonely ghost. Hello shows two sides of the spectrum. The first is a ghost seeking the attention of the living by moving objects in order to accomplish this. The second is a hotel guest who fears his hotel room is haunted by an evil spirit, when in fact the spirit is not dangerous at all. On the contrary, she is a friendly ghost who is simply looking for a friend… Casper the friendly ghost? Hello’s story is amazing, transparent and memorable. The cinematography could have been better as there are a few scenes where the camera is shaky with odd positioning and weird angles that just don’t feel quite right. Other than that, Hello is ingenious and a very clever short film that warms your heart towards the undead which is an uncommon side effect in the horror genre. Watch the movie here.

CAST: Lauren A Kennedy / Ricardo Manigat / Maylin Castro

DIRECTOR: Christina Raia

SCREENWRITER: Christina Raia

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