Paranormal Activity 2



Paranormal Activity 2 is the prequel to Paranormal Activity. This film focuses on footage captured by security cameras believed to be a series of break-ins but out to be something demonic. Viewers are required to be attentive and focused on the details in order to notice the subtle changes occurring around the house and the family members.  Paranormal Activity 2 offers us more jump scares than actual horror scenes built up by storytelling.  The likability of the film will depend on your taste, some will love it and others will flat out hate it.

CAST: Molly Ephraim(Ali Rey) / Katie Featherston(Katie) / Sprague Grayden(Kristi Rey) / William Juan Prieto M(Hunter Rey) / Brian Boland (Daniel Rey)

DIRECTOR: Tod Williams

SCREENWRITER: Michael R.Perry / Christopher Landon



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