5 Horror Shorts Under 10 Minutes

This week we bring you 5 horror short films all under 10 minutes. This countdown includes a wide variety of horror tactics, in depth stories, gore, animation and creativity.

5) The Whistler

A woman continuously hears someone whistling in her home but her husband doesn’t believe her until things go terribly wrong.

4) Hi I’m Thai CGI Short Film by Riff and Alternate Studio

A young girl witnesses the toxic relationship between her mother and father, picturing them both as monsters who are out to get her.

3) Tea Time

What seems to be a cute old lady drinking tea quickly changes when her behavior becomes odd and obsessive.

2) Mr. Creak

A woman reads aloud a trail of notes only to be reading her encounter with Mr. Creak.

1) Cargo

Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect his precious daughter.



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