Mas Negro Que La Noche (1975)


mas_negro_que_la_noche_posterMas Negro Que La Noche captures thrill and suspense with the use of voices, music and multi-color filtered effects to create the horror and suspense we all seek in a good horror movie. Even though the movie was released in 1975, it still stands the test of time. The movie centers around four women who inherit a plush new lifestyle in a beautiful home in exchange for the care of Becker, a black cat who is darker than the night. Shortly after their new life begins in the house they are haunted by something beyond this world. I enjoy Ofelia’s character who offers empathy and care for Becker, and as the owner of a black cat myself, I find it hard to believe that the other full grown ass women are so terrified by this cute little critter. And what the hell was Aurora thinking leaving her little bird on the dinner table? This was just stupid and begs the question; Did Becker really deserve the punishment? Tia Susana, who we see mostly through a frightening portrait, had only one simple request. If some selfish “modern girls” (as they refer to themselves) can’t care for the cat, then I don’t blame the deceased for being pissed off. At the expense of sounding harsh, perhaps they got what they deserved.

CAST: Claudia Islas (Ofelia) / Susana Dosamantes (Aurora) / Helna Rojo (Pilar) / Lucia Mendez (Marta) / Alicia Palacios (Sofia) / Pedro Armendáriz Jr. (Roberto) / Tamara Garina (Tia Susana) / and Becker

DIRECTOR: Carlos Enrique Taboada

SCREENWRITER: Carlos Enrique Taboada

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