Alone is a 2-minute film of a man relaxing home alone until he spots an unknown individual lurking behind him. To be completely honest Alone is your average horror film plot you’re home alone, you see something thing, the lights go out, and jump scare. When reviewing a short film I judge from what I am given and what I got out of this film is that writer and director Tofiq Rzayen has potential. There were scenes that were shot in a particular style that I thought was interesting. The use of the T.V reflection revealing the intruder was a creative scene I appreciated. It could have been the generic medium shot scene at eye level with an intruder standing in the background. It’s minor details like this that bring something to the table and Tofiq Rzayen definitely brought something. Alone is an enjoyable short film it’s quick, yet it manages to still be thrilling and entertaining. Watch The film Here

CAST: Mehmet Fatih Güven

DIRECTOR: Tofiq Rzayev

SCREEN WRITER: Tofiq Rzayen/ Fatith Güven

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