The Orphanage


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.17.12 PMLaura and her family buy and move into the orphanage she grew up in but only months after her adopted son Simon (Roger Princep) suddenly disappears. The beloved spirits from Laura’s past begin to haunt her, but it is unclear if these ghost are helping or tormenting her. This is an old Spanish story and it is delivered beautifully to encapsulate the worry and desperation a mother feels when looking for her lost son. Belen Rueda (Laura) does an amazing job when it comes to her physical and spoken performance. The gloomy visuals of the film establishes a lingering eerie impression on the audience. Guillermo del Toro’s Spanish film The Orphanage  is captivating until the absolute end leaving your heart sore and your body trembling in dismay.

CAST: Belen Rueda (Laura) / Fernando Cayo (Carlos) / Roger Princep (Simon) / Oscar Casas (Tomas)


SCREENWRITER: Sergio G. Sanchez

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