The Lost Colony of Roanoke

my_roanoke_nightmareSeason 6 of American Horror Story is off to a great start and if you are like me you can’t wait for the next episode to find out the next piece of the story. While we wait to find out what happens next we are intrigued by the the lost colony of Roanoke.

The Roanoke colony, was established in April 1587 by an expedition led by John White. The expedition consisted of 118 men, women and children English settlers. In search for the Chesapeake Bay, White and the member of his expedition were left on Roanoke Island by the master pilot Simon Fernandes who refused to take them any further. After a few months,  the colony began to grow low on supplies and prompted White to return with Fernandes to England for reinforcements and supplies.

White returned to Roanoke 3 years later to find that everyone in the colony had vanished without a trace. His family members and friends had all disappeared and all that he found was was the cryptic word “Croatoan” and “Cro” carved on a tree. In search for the towns people he lead an expedition to Croatoan Island 50 miles south but a fierce storm drove his ship out to sea. Eventually, White moved back to England leaving behind his wife, daughter and grandchild.

Some theories suggest that the colonists relocated to Croatoan Island while others went to live with the Chesapeake Indians on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Others have postulated that the colonists moved west up to the Albemarie Sound to the lands of the Chowanocs and possibly farther west to join the Tuscarora Indians.

It is uncertain what may have happened to the colonists but it sure makes for a great season of American Horror Story 400 years later.

To learn more about the Roanoke check out this TedEd video.







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