The Wicker Man (2006)


the_wicker_man_posterThe Wicker Man is just an utter disaster, which is a shame because I actually like Nicolas Cage and lets not forget the amazing Ellen Burstyn. The movie is completely transparent, you can see Edward’s fate (Cage) from the start. And with such great talent, why is the acting so terrible? There’s absolutely no credibility in Kate Beahan’s performance. If this is her best depiction of a frightened and grieving mother then apparently losing a child is a cake walk. Oh, and the final scene of the neo-pagan community gathering for their festival and their ridiculous chanting is just pathetic… nothing scary about that. I would’ve given them the finger and walked off laughing. Don’t waste your time with this film. In my opinion it should not even be categorized anywhere near the horror genre.

CAST: Nicolas Cage (Edward) / Ellen Burstyn (Sister Summerside) / Kate Beahan (Sister Willow Woodward) / Frances Conroy (Dr T.H. Moss) / Molly Parker (Sister Rose)

DIRECTOR: Neil Labute


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